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Monthly Archives: May 2013

2013 Delaware Valley Young Engineer of the Year: Alan Levy


Originally from Hannibal, Missouri, Alan Levy grew up around Chemistry and Engineering. He determined early he wanted to be a Chemical Engineer, which he pursued at the University of Missouri’s Rolla campus; now Missouri University of Science and Technology.


2013 Scholarship Recipients

The recipients of the 2013 Scholarships.


2013 Outstanding Service Award: Michael P. Venuto, PE, PLS

Michael Venuto, PE, PLS has been a dedicated public service employee at the DRPA for 12 years, starting as a Senior Engineer in December 2000, rising to Manager of Port Projects in July 2005, followed by Manager of Planning and Design in April 2006, Acting Director of the Port of Philadelphia and Camden in September 2008, and has served as Chief Engineer/Director of Engineering since February 2010. As Chief Engineer, Michael oversees the approximately $1 Billion 5-year capital program ensuring that DRPA/PATCO’s assets are kept safe, secure and serviceable for the traveling public. These assets include the Betsy Ross Bridge, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Walt Whitman Bridge, Commodore Barry Bridge, and PATCO.


2013 Engineer of the Year: Charles A. Clerecuzio, PE, CPIP

“Now, more than ever, it is critical for us as engineers to come together and cross discipline lines to solve the energy and resources issues in the Delaware Valley.”