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EOY Call for Nominations

Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year

On behalf of the engineering-related technical societies of the Delaware Valley*, the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia annually issues a call for nominations for Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year.  Nominations for 2016 EOY have closed.  If you have an individual that you feel is worthy of such recognition, consider nominating him/her for the 2017 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year. You are encouraged to contact the EOY Coordinator, Mark Kinnee, PE if you have any questions. The 2016 Engineer of the Year Nomination Packet contains important details on the qualifications, election process, and duties of the selected Engineer of the Year and should be read by all intending to submit a nomination.  Note that changes may be made prior to issuing the call for nominations in the fall of 2016.


  • Is a graduate of an accredited curriculum with a degree in engineering;
  • Has a career of achievement and leadership, which exemplifies contributions of the highest professional order;
  • Has a life which manifests the value of an engineering degree;
  • Is a person of stature and visibility; and
  • Is a person who will represent the profession well and proudly acclaim its virtues.

Candidates need to either reside or have their principal place of business in the Delaware Valley at the time the nomination is submitted.


Nominations must be submitted by one or more of the many engineering and technical societies in the Delaware Valley. Nominations are normally due in early to mid Ocrtober. Societies are encouraged to team up with other societies in preparing a nomination. Each candidate will be required to pre-record a five-minute videotape message to be presented to the delegates at the election.  The videotaping facilities will be provided by the Engineers Week Committee to ensure every candidate’s message is conducted in the same environment and under the same conditions.

Election Delegates

The Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year is selected by delegates from the Engineering and Technical Societies of the Delaware Valley. Each society is entitled to appoint delegates and alternates to the election, based on the size of the section / chapter, as noted on the election webpage.

Past Engineers of the Year

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*Delaware Valley is defined as Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Mercer and Salem counties in Southern New Jersey