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Dr. Ralph Masiello

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Dr. Ralph MasielloRalph D. Masiello received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering where he worked on the very early applications of modern control and estimation theory to electric power systems and the developments of the first state estimators for Transmission operations. He also led the teams that developed the first utility dispatcher training simulators and he led the organization that developed the early commercial ISO systems for market and reliability operations.  He chaired the US DOE Energy Advisory Committee Storage Subcommittee 2009-2013 and has been responsible for the development of analytical solutions for applying energy storage to wholesale, transmission, and distribution applications.

Dr. Masiello was the Head of Department for DNV GL Energy Advisory Americas responsible for services and consulting in Operations and Automation, NERC Compliance, Wholesale markets analysis and system performance, energy storage, distributed energy resources, and retail energy. He was also responsible for Innovation Management within DNV GL Energy Advisory including development of an Innovation Management practice assisting utilities and energy infrastructure suppliers in developing and managing R&D activities. He was responsible at DNV GL for bulk power (generation, transmission, and market operations) consulting; for IT systems integration and distribution automation / substation automation, and for telecommunications practices. His personal focus in recent years has been the application of Smart Grid and Electricity Storage technologies to system operations, and the integration of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles with grid operations and markets, including the first assessment of grid/market impacts of EV for the US ISO-RTO council.  He has developed Smart Grid and automation roadmaps for several US ISOs and the California Energy Commission, including the storage “use case” analysis that was one of the analyses leading to the California mandate for 1.3 GW of energy storage.  He led the development of DNV GL tools for wholesale operations dynamic performance, Microgrid Simulation and Optimization, and Distributed Energy Storage Analysis.  He led analyses and simulations behind the FERC 755 (fast frequency regulation) tariffs at several US ISOs. 

Previously, Dr. Masiello was Executive Vice President of Development at Caminus responsible for, trading systems, risk management, asset optimization, and corporate strategic initiatives including acquisitions and alliances. His activities included new trading and risk platform developments and new methodologies for valuing and optimizing the scheduling of energy assets.

Dr. Masiello was formerly the global Business Unit Manager for Energy Information Systems for ABB, which included US and European businesses active in power pool and ISO systems, wholesale trading and portfolio optimization, and retail systems for risk management and e-commerce for retail choice. Prior to that he served as the General Manager of ABB Systems Control, a leading supplier of ISO and market systems and utility Energy Management and SCADA systems across the globe. During part of his tenure as General Manager of ABB’s Systems Control, the business included ABB Wescougar generation scheduling products and the CADPAD / CADOPS distribution engineering and operations products.

Dr. Masiello’s professional involvement in energy deregulation spans the design and set-up of markets around the world, including consulting and software projects in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, Canada, and the development of the IT systems for the ISOs in California, New York, and Ontario. He has a broad experience in transmission and distribution operations spanning over 20 years and the implementation of control systems at many of North America’s largest utilities, including systems security and dispatch, distribution automation, and energy scheduling and optimization as well as control center projects around the globe. He has provided expert testimony on metering systems and market operations to the US Congress, and co-signed a Supreme Court amicus curae brief on transmission access and native load service. He served as the chairman of the Storage subcommittee of the US Department of Energy’s Energy Advisory Committee. 2009 – 2014.  He was the recipient of the IEEE Power Engineering Society Charles Concordia power engineering award for 2011.  He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2011 and is the recipient of the IEEE Delaware Valley section engineer of the Year award for 2011.

Dr. Masiello is a Life Fellow of the IEEE and has served as Chairman, Power System Engineering, Chairman of Power Industry Computing Applications, Editorial board of IEEE Proceedings and advisory board of IEEE Spectrum magazine. He served on the US Department of Energy “Energy Advisory Committee” 2008-2013 and chaired its Storage subcommittee 2009-2013. He is the recipient of the 2009 IEEE Power Engineering Concordia award for Power System Engineering. Dr. Masiello is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.