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2009 Engineer of the Year: David S. Lowdermilk, PE

David Lowdermilk from website_CroppedDave currently serves as Vice President and Transportation Technology Principal of Pennoni Associates Inc. Dave is also a Principal for Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions, a new alliance between Pennoni Associates and Drexel University that offers bridge inventory owners and managers state-of-the-art in structural diagnostics and risk assessment.

Dave earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, Washington DC, Connecticut, Ohio, New York, Tennessee and Louisiana.
As a 24 year resident of Delaware County, PA, Dave has spent a large potion of his career working on projects that have improved the quality of life in the Delaware Valley.

As a valued and respected member of Pennoni Associates, Dave manages a $20 million a year portion of the firm’s total earnings, along with more than 150 staff members. He excels as both a staff manager and a project manager, and under his leadership Pennoni’s Transportation Technology has flourished. Dave is a Registered Professional Engineer in 11 states, and his talent as a project manager has lead to his serving as Principal-in-Charge for two major Pennoni clients, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority. In addition to those major responsibilities, Dave also serves as the Program Manager and Engineer of Record for the Burlington County Bridge Commission (BCBC), an extremely challenging role which requires responsible charge of hundreds of millions of dollars in BCBC inventory.

Over the course of his career, Dave has worked on several major projects that had huge impacts in the Delaware Valley. He provided engineering work in his home county of Delaware for the Blue Route and other major highways, and the Route 1 Safety Improvement Project, spanning from the Granite Run Mall through to Kennett Square. He has worked in Bucks County on Section E of the I-95 Turnpike Interchange Project, in Montgomery County on the U.S. Route 202, Section 610 Final Design, and in Philadelphia on the Frankford Transportation Center Project.

Along with being an outstanding engineer, staff manager and project manager, Dave serves as an ambassador for the engineering profession. He has worked with various engineering organizations to reach out to young people and educate them about the value of the engineering profession, including speaking engagements with middle school students and participation in job fairs for various age groups. He is extremely active in the various local societies that drive our profession, including his Board Membership in PSPE Delaware County, Presidency of the ACEC/PA Philadelphia Chapter, former Board Member of the ASHE Delaware Valley Section, and membership in ASCE and ITE.

In addition to his work serving our profession, Dave takes his skills and talents as an engineer and applies them to help many different community-based groups. He is extremely active in the culture and activities of his synagogue, and serves on the House and Grounds Committee. While he gives his time generously to many service organizations, Dave is perhaps most proud of the work he has done with The Players Club of Swarthmore, a non-profit community theatre company based in Delaware County. Dave applies his outstanding Project Management skills to serve as the Stage Manager for the group, bringing with him talents in designing and construction of the sets.

While it is easy to discuss Dave’s qualifications to serve as the 2009 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year by looking at his experience in responsible charge of projects, his contributions to the profession and to the community, and membership and activity in professional/technical societies, in today’s business climate you must also examine the values and ethics of the person. Dave is honorable and honest in both his professional and personal dealings, and places his reputation, the reputation of his firm, and the reputation of the engineering profession above all else. It is the combination of all of these factors that led to the selection of David S. Lowdermilk, P.E., as the 2009 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year.