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2010 Student Paper Award Recipients

The recipients of the 2010 Student Paper Awards were:

Meredith Wendell, Widener University

“Measuring Forces in Truss Members Using Strain Gages”


Charles Owens and David Santangelo. Widener University

 “Use of Milled Bovine Collagen Nanofibrils as a Flocculant to Accelerate Colloidal Particulate Settling in Water Treatment”


James Tuckowski, Drexel University

 “Fully Developed Flow Project”


Stephen Thomas, David Rohmeyer, and Colin Donovan, Rowan University

“An X-ray Computed Tomography Study:  The Influence of Inherent Particle Characteristics on the Packing Density of Granular Materials”


Joseph Gro, Temple University

“Practical Applications of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games”


Ryan Agostini, Rowan University

“Impact of Select Chemicals on Surface Water”