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2011 Student Paper Award Recipients

The recipients of the 2011 Student Paper Awards were:

Amy Sexton, Drexel University

“Direct Oxidation of Propylene Oxide”


Eric Lister, Drexel University

 “Evaluation of Fully Developed Flow”


Josh Sewald, Temple University

“Atomic Bonding”


Robert Ilaria, Kurt Grusmark, and Keith Roller, Rowan University

“Correlation between MSCR Results and Polymer Modification of Binder”


Michael Miller, Widener University

“Direct Oxidation of Propylene in a Tubular Reactor”


Nicole Kato, Swarthmore University

 “Implementation of Space-Based Position Navigation and Timing Systems”


Darren Reger, Eric DuBois, Rickie Caudill, Thomas Burns, and Daniel Kehr, Rowan University

“Evaluation of the Impact of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement on the Low Temperature Laboratory Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt”


Greggory Stevenson, Andrew Melici and Alejandro Zapata, Rowan University

“Compaction of Granular Soils Using Superpave Gyratory Compactor at Higher Confining Pressures”


Samuel Henry and Jeremy Soto, Rowan University

“A Study to Evaluate the Differences in Peak Strain Readings as a Potential Tool to Predict Evidence of Crack Initiation”