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2012 Student Paper Award Recipients

The recipients of the 2012 Student Paper Awards were:

William Angiolillo, Villanova University
“Vado Design Investigation”

Alexandra Bartolomeo, Drexel University

 “Effects of Varying Key Parameters on Glucose Uptake”


Sean Coffey and Daniel Kehr, Rowan University

“Degree of Blending and Variability of Recycled Asphalt Pavement”


Sarah Bauer and Stephanie Moore, Rowan University

“Algae-Derived Biofuels: Effects of Nutrients on Oil Yields of S. dimorphus and C. vulgaris”


Andrew Maclane and Kurt Grusmark, Rowan University

“Verification of Jnr as a Parameter for Polymer-Modified Binders through DCT and DCM Testing”


Nicholas Mascitelli, Villanova University

 “Serviceability and Elastic Behavior of Alkali-Activated Fly Ash Concrete”


Jess Mendenhall, Rowan University

 “Importance of Surveying for Finding Flooding Solutions”