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2013 Student Paper Award Recipients

The recipients of the 2013 Student Paper Awards were:

Kassandra Grimes and Andrea MacFarland, Rowan University
“Algae-Derived Biofuels: Comparative Algal Yield of Autotrophic, Heterotrophic, and Mixotrophic Growth Conditions”

Ethan Wolmark, Kerry Pehnke and Miken Shah, Rowan University
“Evaluating Sensitivity of the Non-Recoverable Creep Compliance on the Dynamic Complex Modulus and the Predicting Pavement Performance”

Felipe Blotta, William McNally, and Brent Holford, Rowan University
“Evaluating the Performance of Doweled and Isolation Joints at the National Airport Pavement Testing Facility”

Jessie Huang, University of Pennsylvania
“Rat Precision-Cut Lung Slices as a Model for Deformation-Induced Lung Injury Studies”

Calvin Nguyen, University of Pennsylvania
“Facile Immunotargeting of Nanoparticles Against Tumor Antigens Using Site-Specific Biotinylated Antibody Fragments”

Leah Spangler, Drexel University
“Immobilizing Cells in a Porous Collagen Matrix”