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2017 Student Paper Award Recipients

Kevin Chen and Alyssa Tate: University of Pennsylvania
“Nanosphere Lithography of Zero Mode Waveguides for Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy.”

Katie Hollywood, Steven Buzby and Darren Weis: Rowan University
“Developing a Fuel Resistant Asphalt Using Animal Bones”

Austin Gould, Matthew Paugh, Robert Reiss, Jack Elliott, Chris Petrucci and Thomas Taylor: Rowan University
“Design of High Strength Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Using Nanoclay”

Tyler Graff, Michael Alfano and Erika Palacios: Rowan University
“Evaluation of Semi-Circular Bend Test”

Yosuke Higashi: Swarthmore College
“System Identification in a High Noise Environment with Adaptive Wavelet Modulating Functions”